Sewing the Garden

Renee kept asking Bobby if he would do this or that to Tallia as She absolutely loved what it did for her. Tallia for all her excitement kept asking things like “What will it feel like?” and “Will i know instantly if we conceive?” Finally they approached the east entrance of the colony and Bobby lead them out the gate.As they passed the gate the guards inside knew instantly what was going on when they saw the 2 naked women and Bobby walking along with his loin cloth leading the way. He lead them out away from the colony for a short distance until they came to a clearing with a small creek running along one side. “Will this do for your first lay?” He asked Tallia. Her answer was a strong passionate Kiss that nearly knocked him over. She finally pulled herself off him and smiled “Yes I think this will do perfectly.” She then turned to Renee and kissed her just as passionately, before turning back to Bobby and asking him to lay down. He complied readily and soon thanks to the nearly shaking hands of Tallia was a nude as the two girls. Tallia’s Face lit up as she feasted her eyes on his cock. It wasn’t huge but even Renee had commented that it was enough to make any woman feel full. With reckless abandon Tallia dropped to her knees and began sucking and licking all over his cock and balls. She stopped just long enough to look over her shoulder to Renee and tell her to sit on his face so he could pleasure her. Again Tallia attacked His cock, not only his cock but the cock that would very soon take her virginity and if she was lucky plant a child in her belly.She kissed and licked it taking as much of his member into her mouth as possible and then she would drop down and suck, lick and Kiss his balls while she slowly and gently stroked the cock with her hands. For his part Bobby had his tongue buried deep inside Renee’s Pregnant pussy. His hands massaged her ass and occasionally he slipped a finger into her ass every so gently. Renee was rocking and gyrating her sex over her lovers face while watching Tallia suck his cock. Her hands kneaded and rubbed her breasts and circled her nipples. As she approached her Orgasm at the tongue of her lover she noticed that Tallia was now sucking and jacking Bobbies cock with one hand and fingering her own pussy with the other. At that moment Renee was shuddered with a powerful Orgasm. As she came back to her senses she spoke up, “Tallia dear, are you ready to become a woman?” “yes, What should I do next?” “Just Lay back and spread your legs. I will make sure your ready.” With that Renee lifted herself off Bobbies face and quickly made her way to the young woman now laying on the ground. she approached Tallia and dropped into a 69 position. “Lick my pussy for a moment” Renee said to Tallia as she buried her own face in the young girls crotch. In less then a minute Tallia was screaming into the pussy that covered her face, and Renee’s beautiful face was covered in Girl cum. “Bobby, get that cock over here” she said and quickly he did exactly as told. Renee couldn’t help herself she wrapped her lips around his cock and using her mouth she guided his cock down to it’s new home. Tallia’s now drenched pussy. She grasped his cock with one hand and slid the head up and down Tallia’s slit a couple times before centering it at the entrance to her pussy. Now Renee rose and stepped aside and looked Bobby deep in the eyes. “Take her Virginity on your cock, Puncture her cunt with your rod and make love to her” she told her lover. Not needing to be told twice Bobby lowered himself to lay over the young Tallia, all the while Renee moved behind them and gently massaged his Balls with her hands and eventually her mouth. Slowly Bobby kissed Tallia with passion as he gently pushed his cock into her pussy. He felt her Hymen block his way. He locked his mouth to hers and let his tongue explore the inside of her mouth as he finally thrust once into her sex. In a moment of lucidity Tallia’s eyes flew open and she locked onto the man on top of her. He only held still and continued to kiss her. Renee watched her young friend jump and switched from sucking on her lovers balls to kissing and licking the inside of Tallia’s legs.Slowly Bobby pulled his mouth away and watched Tallia begin to relax a little. “The pain is over now.” he said with compassion. “Your a woman now” “Finally” Tallia gasped as she relaxed a little more She could start to feel the throbbing of the cock that was now just barely in her pussy. “Please make love to me. Fill me with your cock and then fill me with your cum” “As you wish” Bobby said and he began to push a little deeper into the woman now impaled on his member. “Oh My, I feel so full, It feels like your all the way in my womb, no wonder you got Renee pregnant!” she said as Bobby bottomed out, his balls pressing firmly against Tallia’s slit. Slowly he pulled back out until only the head was still in her pussy and then he pushed all the way back in. Tallia was lost in ecstasy. Bobby began pushing into her harder now as he bent down and began sucking on one of her tits and kissing her nipple.After a few minutes of this Tallia began to feel her Orgasm building. “Oh please , make me cum, and fill me with with your sperm, I want you to paint my pussy from the inside out.” she moaned. Bobby took this as a sign to speed up the tempo a little and as he began to thrust into her slit harder yet. Now Tallia was begin to scream, Her Orgasm was reaching full force “Oh gawd, please fuck me, fuck me hard, Fuck my pussy, Fill my pussy with your cum, please!” She begged, “please cum in me, fill me with your cum!” she urged. Suddenly she reached to top of her excitement. She wrapped her legs around him, locking him into her sex. She pulled him down on to her and Kissed him madly, forcing her tongue into his mouth. The abruptness caused Bobby to lose his concentration and he too climaxed. He felt his cock spasm and all he could do was try to drive it deeper into the waiting womb of the sexy little woman under him. Tallia could feel each spurt of that cock deep inside her belly. And each spurt was like another miniature Orgasm between her legs. She felt him fill her cunt, she even felt his warm thick cum start to flow out of pussy as it ran down the crack of her ass. She enjoyed the sensation, and even that feeling of his cum dribbling down her ass pushed her into yet another climax. All too soon Bobby was slowing down and she noticed that his cock was no longer squirting cum into her. he pulled himself out and offered his wilting cock to Tallia, She greedily took it in her mouth while Renee who had been sitting back fingering herself dove back between Tallia’s legs to lap at some of the cum that had already and was still oozing out of the girls pussy. when she had a mouth full she crawled up and kissed Tallia full on the mouth allowing her to share in the taste of Bobbies cum. As the two women broke their embrace they both swallowed what cum they each had in their mouths. Tallia gently touched her pussy and ran a finger through it only to be rewarded with a few more drops of cum. she looked at it and then looked at Bobby. She wiped the droplet of cum over her heart and smiled. “Thank you both for making me a woman.” she said. “I am yours now Bobby” she said looking at the smear of cum on her chest. Her eyes darted between him and Renee, “Teach me all that i need to be a good woman.” and then she looked back to Bobby, “Now that I am a woman i need you to make me a mother. I assume,” she paused to kneel in front of Bobby and take his limp cock in her hand. “that the first step in that process is to make this hard again.” and with that she began to suck and stroke his cock with passion. Over the next few hours Bobby and Renee “taught” Tallia as much as they could think of. When Bobby became too exhausted to participate Renee kept going as it was starting to seem that Tallia was, as many young people are upon being first introduced to sex, Insatiable. As the sun began to set and a slight chill started to set in the three lovers could be found simply sitting and talking. Bobby had laid down to recuperate some of his strength. In an effort to shield his now well fucked cock from Tallia, Renee was now sitting over his member while they all talked and rested. “We really should be heading back soon” Renee commented as a chill went through her body. She wasn’t sure the chill was from the temperature starting to fall or the fact that Bobby was gently running his fingers over her back, or the fact that even though she had had a number of orgasms that numbered in double digits, Tallia was now laying on the ground with her head on Bobbies Chest gently running her fingers through her still wet pussy and occasionally circling her clit. “Do we have to?” Tallia said looking up at Renee and then getting a wicked smile on her face. She stood and faced Renee. “Wow I will never get tired of that.” she said as she shuddered. “Whats that?” Renee asked. “The feeling of cum running down the inside of my legs. It makes me feel so sexy.” “Well come on little miss Sexy” Renee Held out her hands “Help and old pregnant lady up so we can head back to the colony.” Tallia took the offered hands and pulled her friend to a standing position. Renee looked back and the slumbering man who lay naked on the ground. “I think were going to have to carry him back to town.” She then set about gathering Bobbie’s things or an any case his loin cloth, before returning to where Tallia stood staring at her lover with lust in her eyes. “Come on if we get him back before sunrise you can still have at least one more romp with him.” Together the two woman woke up Bobby and helped him to his feet and slowly set out for the colony. As they walked back past the guard shack a couple guards came out to stop them but then saw the two women helping their man along and stopped to chuckle. Without even a hesitation Tallia’s gaze narrowed at one of them. “I wouldn’t laugh too hard, or next time i will take you out there, Fuck you to death and leave your body for the wildlife.” Silence quickly fell as the two guards heard the tones in her voice that told them she wasn’t kidding. The three walked through the streets of the colony until they finally arrived at Bobbies small house. Here they helped him in and gently placed him on his bed, and as a last gift of the evening Renee left the two new lovers and walked herself home. That night Tallia woke up her man 3 times. The first time she rolled over and taking his manhood in her mouth she relished the sensation of his member growing and hardening in her mouth. Once it was hard she climbed on top of him and rode him. While she fed him a nipple he fingered her ass pushing her to climax at almost the same time that he filled her again. They fell asleep like that with her on top of him with his now wilting manhood still inside her pussy like a cork. A few hours later she awakened and felt the need to lick and suck the fruits of their copulation off him. She loved thetaste of their mingled juices all over his tool. This time she woke him as she maneuvered into a 69 position. He Ate her while she drank what little he could produce. Finally as the sun began to rise she awoke him one last time. She waggled her ass at him as he arose to perform his morning ritual. He returned from the bathroom to see her on her knees a hand between her legs feverishly rubbing her clit. “Renee told me this was the best position to make a baby in, so come over here and put that thing where it belongs.” she said as she started to push herself into excitement. She began to moan and whimper thinking he wouldn’t give her what she wanted. she looked over her shoulder as he hand became a blur on her wet and soaked pussy. He took a step away from her and her mind began to run in circles. She couldn’t believe he was going to leave her, horny and wanting. Finally he opened the shutters of the window to let light into the room and as people outside started their day and some stopped to watch, he walked back to her and buried his cock into her waiting pussy one last time. The Screams of Tallia’s orgasm ripped through the quiet morning as once again Bobby pushed him dick as deeply into her pussy as he could manage. He felt the head of his cock bottom out against her cervix and as he erupted once again in her waiting pussy he was content that he had done his best to make the young woman a mother. Even though she made certain to warm his bed every night for the next month Tallia was certain that the day she conceived had been that morning as he filled her from behind, and nobody in the colony dared to argue with her.

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